Manual:The Dude v6/dude v6.xx changelog

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Note: Changelog will be added here after the web release of this ROS version, for now check dude rc version topic in forum.



  • Leftovers of web interface configuration is not yet removed.
  • Dude does not know how to show ROS version (broken due to changes in ROS, update needed)
  • In log settings configuration, sliders are broken.
  • When opening panel in separate windows error pops up, it does not affect the usage tho.
  • When changing icon appearance on network map dude does not assign right image in some cases.
  • Open panel separately broken.
  • Spectral scan may crash Dude client
  • SNMP walk crashes the dude client
  • Torch tool in dude also is broken
  • Use of ping tool causes the dude client to disconnect.
  • Any section export to CSV function broken, crashes the dude client
  • Bandwidth test tool graphs broken.
  • XML backup import fails.
  • Large DB export fixed.
  • Link label - Mastering type: ROS broken.
  • Scan tool - removed for now till it's reworked.
  • Telnet tool - dude will throw out error if telnet client is not available on system where dude client is installed.
  • Dude tool - Corrected dude.exe launch path. Now the client will look for executable in it's installation dir and not by some full path.
  • Added 10G link type - Will be added by default only for new installations.
  • Torch tool - fixed.
  • Added option to run dude client from shortcut in secure mode by adding argument "--secure".
  • Corrected 10G link monitoring/counters for ROS devices. (snmp fix for this will come later)
  • Fixed issue where dude client would freeze if link label mastering type was snmp and it was created or modified.
  • Ping tool - fixed local pinger.
  • Auto discovery tasks are now separated between network maps.
  • Fixed file upload to server.
  • SMTP authentication and tls options added!
  • ROS upgrade function fixed
  • Fixed server crash that some people where experiencing.
  • CHR host upgrade fixed.
  • DNS name resolving fixed in loader (will however work only after loader is upgraded to rc45)
  • Added db vacuuming option
  • Added progress indicator to import/export/vacuuming
  • Dude server by default on new installations is now disabled.