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Available properties:
Available properties:
* <var>mode</var> (<em>automatic | force-host</em>; Default: "automatic") - Defines USB port mode.
* <var>usb-mode</var> (<em>automatic | force-host</em>; Default: "automatic") - Defines USB port mode.

==RB912 USB port type==
==RB912 USB port type==

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Sub-menu: /system routerboard usb
Package: routerboard (v5) / system (v6)

Not all of the RouterBOARDS with USB ports have the same supported features. This article list all supported USB features by each RouterBOARD.

USB power reset

USB power reset turns off USB port power for specified time. It is useful when 3G modem needs to be restarted but there is no direct access to it (tower installation).

Available properties:

  • duration (time; Default: "3s") - Time interval how long power is turned off.

For example, "/system routerboard usb power-reset duration=10s" will turn off USB port power for 10 seconds.

RB2011 USB port mode

RB2011 series have micro USB port which operates in host mode when USB device is attached through USB OTG cable. Some vendor cables require forced host mode to recognize connected device.

Available properties:

  • usb-mode (automatic | force-host; Default: "automatic") - Defines USB port mode.

RB912 USB port type

RB912 series have USB port and miniPCIe slot. Due to hardware restrictions it is possible to use only one at the time.

Available properties:

  • type (USB-type-A | mini-PCIe; Default: "USB-type-A") - Type of enabled port.

USB feature table

Information about RouterBoard USB features.

RouterBOARD USB ports Power Reset USB powering
CCR1016-12G 1 yes yes
CCR1036-12G-4S 1 yes yes
RB OmniTik U-5HnD 1 yes yes
RB OmniTik UPA-5HnD 1 yes yes
RB SXT 5HnD 1 yes yes
RB SXT 5HPnD 1 yes yes
RB SXT G-2HnD 1 yes yes
RB SXT G-5HnD 1 yes yes
RB2011UAS 1 yes yes
RB2011UAS-2HnD 1 yes yes
RB411GL 1 yes yes
RB411U 1 no yes
RB411UAHL 1 yes yes
RB411UAHR 1 no no*
RB433GL 1 yes yes
RB433UAH 2 no yes
RB433UAHL 1 yes yes
RB435G 2 no yes
RB493G 1 no no*
RB711UA-2HnD 1 yes yes
RB711UA-5HnD 1 yes yes
RB750UP 1 no yes
RB751G-2HnD 1 no yes
RB751U-2HnD 1 no yes
RB912UAG-5HPnD 1 yes yes
RB951G-2HnD 1 yes yes