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Not all of the RouterBOARDS with USB ports have the same supported features. This article list all supported USB features by each RouterBOARD.

USB feature table

Gathered information on routers that have power reset feature

RouterBOARD USB ports Power Reset
RB OmniTik U-5HnD 1 yes
RB OmniTik UPA-5HnD 1 yes
RB SXT 1 yes
RB411GL 1 yes
RB411U 1 no
RB411UAHL 1 yes
RB411UAHR 1 no
RB433GL 1 yes
RB433UAH 2 no
RB433UAHL 1 yes
RB435G 2 yes
RB493G 1 no
RB711UA-2HnD 1 yes
RB711UA-5HnD 1 yes
RB750UP 1 no
RB751G-2HnD 1 no
RB751U-2HnD 1 no