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In this article we assume the following:

  1. that you have some sort of PC which has internet access
  2. that on this PC you have installed some archive utility that can extract *.zip files
  3. that you have installed an FTP program that can transfer files to your router
  4. that your license allows upgrading
  5. Upgrade means changing majour versions (adds new features), Update means chaning minor versions (patches issues). This article applies to both

upgrade process

  • First step - visit and head to the download page, there choose the latest version for your system. If you have a RouterBOARD 500 or 100 series device, choose the file from the first column (RB icon), if not, choose the second column (PC icon):


  • Download the Single Package for Upgrade, it will include all the functionality of RouterOS:


  • In this image we use the program WinRAR, but your extraction process may be a little different:


  • Open your favourite FTP program (in this case it is Filezilla), select the packages that you want to install, and upload them to your router ( is the address of my router in this example). Note that the most important is the system package, and if you use wireless, then also the wireless package:


  • if you wish, you can check if the files are successfully transfered onto the router (optional):

[normis@Demo_v2.9] > file print
 # NAME                   TYPE                  SIZE       CREATION-TIME
 0 supout.rif             .rif file             285942     nov/24/2005 15:21:54
 1 dhcp-2.9.8.npk         package               138846     nov/29/2005 09:55:42
 2 ppp-2.9.8.npk          package               328636     nov/29/2005 09:55:43
 3 advanced-tools-2.9.... package               142820     nov/29/2005 09:55:42
 4 web-proxy-2.9.8.npk    package               377837     nov/29/2005 09:55:43
 5 wireless-2.9.8.npk     package               534052     nov/29/2005 09:55:43
 6 routerboard-2.9.8.npk  package               192628     nov/29/2005 09:55:45
 7 system-2.9.8.npk       package               5826498    nov/29/2005 09:55:54
  • and reboot it:
[normis@Demo_v2.9] > system reboot
Reboot, yes? [y/N]: y
  • after the reboot, your router will be up to date, you can check it in this menu:
/system package print
  • if your router did not upgrade correctly, make sure you check the log
/log print without-paging