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User Manager

To see what User Manager can do for you, log into the test system: User Manager Online Demo with the username and password both being "demo"

Getting Started

Download and install

MikroTik User Manager can be downloaded from the MikroTik download page: MikroTik User Manager This package is made for the RouterOS. You should have the same version for RouterOS and the User Manager package. The MikroTik User Manager works on x86 and MIPS processor based routers. The router should have at least 32MB RAM and 2MB free HDD space. Upload the package to the routers FTP server and reboot it so it could install this package.

Creating a Subscriber

Since the User Manager is still in development you can't add the subscriber from the browser yet, you should do that using Mikrotik terminal (console). All the confgiguration is done under the /tool user-manager menu. To create a subscriber you should go to /tool user-manager customer menu and execute add command. It will ask for the username which you will use. After that you can use print command to see what you have added and you can also set the password.

[admin@USER_MAN] tool user-manager customer> print
 Flags: X - disabled
  0   subscriber=uldis login="uldis" password="uldisuldis" time-zone=+00:00
      permissions=owner parent=uldis

After this you can open a browser using IP address of your router and add userman after the slash, example:

You will get a login page where you can enter the username and password that you have created earlier. There you have a menu on the left side where you can configure the User Manager.

== Note: == Added by Levi

User Manager 2.9.26 on RouterBoard 532 User Manager 2.9.26, RouterB 532, cannot SET password from terminal.

I had to create 2 users then go to "users" to edit password and time zone in Internet Explorer. I then went back to terminal to delete first user because I could not 'set' a password from the WinBox terminal or Internet Explorer.

First user added from terminal does not show up in Explorer 'Users'. That is why I created two.

Levi Patrick