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Stay tuned for MikroTik biweekly newsletters.

Current Issue

Issue No. 2, 19-Sep-2007

  • Dude as syslog
  • RouterBOARD voltage monitoring
  • System reset jumpers
  • Automatic execution of FTP'd scripts
  • Running RouterOS from a USB stick
  • Argentina MUM review
  • Changelog

Next Issue Announce

  • Wiki news
  • New hardware
  • Wireless “area” parameter
  • Tiktube news
  • User Meeting Updates
  • Changelog

And more...


Issue No. 1, 31-Aug-2007

Main topics covered:

  • SOCKs, why would you need it and how to use it.
  • RouterBOARD 333 Fan controls
  • Updates on Trainings and Events
  • Changelog of the upcoming RouterOS v3 RC 4