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You probably are reading this page because you stumbled upon a website like in the following picture, and are wondering about the owner of the IP address that hosts this page.

2009-05-18 1553.png

MikroTik is a manufacturer of routers and other network equipment, and the above webpage is just the configuration page of one of our routers. Please note that you should never trust the owner of a page just by it's appearance, always resolve the IP address from the provided domain, and use tools like ripe.net or this one to find out the true maintainer of this device.

There are hundreds of thousands of MikroTik manufactured routers out there, and they are not maintained or owned by MikroTik. Please, before contacting MikroTik, always find out the owner of the IP address and contact them instead. We have no control over the devices that we have made and sold.


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