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== topic groups / tables ==
== topic groups / tables ==

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mini presentations

  • Large scale BGP with the new routing package
  • bonding, how to use and where
  • wireless roaming with WDS
  • complementary hotspot setup (free hotspot with bandwidth control, user signup and advertisements)
  • firewall - how to block porn sites and other tricks
  • wireless networks in Iraq
  • mikrotik user manager. new exciting feature of routeros!
  • the dude network manager

running tests, see live in action

  • router throughput test (routerboards and xeons achieve gigabits)
  • vpn throughput test (use of the above plus add VPN)
  • wireless thoughput test (we'll show you big numbers)
  • wireless + bonding with maximum numer of antennas (!)
  • burn in test of RB500, how much can it take?
  • 2x routerboard + 2x routerboard = wireless with bonding
  • other interesting record attempts

topic groups / tables

  • routing
  • wireless
  • scripting


  • demonstration of scripting in team with load balancing or some backup link system, automatic configuration in case of something etc.
  • add something here please

packing list

  • each of the new things
  • 4 big rigs
  • 4 displays and keyboards
  • 20 RB500
  • gigabit switches
  • pcb ant