Private Management Network with Vlans Using minimial Configuration

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To create a Private Management Network for the Mikrotik Devices.

Also allowing Vlans to pass through the AP to the CPE's and have the CPE untag (access mode) to Customer equipment.

On Access Point:

Ensure it's setup in AP-Bridge mode

Create a Bridge

Bind Two ports WLAN1 and Ether1

Your Management IP address can be on Ether1 or bridge

On CPE Station

Ensure it's setup in Station-Bridge mode

Create vlan and bind it to WLAN1

Create BridgevlanXX

Bridge Ether1 to BridgevlanXX Bridge Vlan to BridgvlanXX

For the Management of this device you can leave the on ether1

You will have to make sure your Managment ip address is on WLAN 1 (For Private Management)