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What's new in 2.30:
*) fixed RB1000 not to reset configuration all the time (broken in v2.29);
What's new in 2.29:
What's new in 2.29:

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What's new in 2.30:

  • ) fixed RB1000 not to reset configuration all the time (broken in v2.29);

What's new in 2.29:

  • ) fixed rare issue with large nand booting;
  • ) fixed RB800 and RB1100 to turn on user led during boot-up;
  • ) fixed RB711 to turn off user led during boot-up;

What's new in 2.28:

  • ) fixed problem - wireless did not show up on some RB411 units with 18V PoE power supply;

What's new in 2.27:

  • ) memory fix for RB800/RB1000/RB1100;
  • ) fixed problem - sometimes wireless was missing on RB711 after reboot;
  • ) fixed pin-hole reset on RB750G;

What's new in 2.26:

  • ) added RB816 support on RB600;
  • ) fixed router hangup during etherboot if blasted with lots of packets;
  • ) added silent boot;
  • ) fixed Flashfig;

What's new in 2.25:

  • new feature - Flashfig;
  • fixed etherboot on RB493;
  • fixed occasional lockup of kernel image loading on RB400 series;
  • added disable UART feature;

What's new in 2.24:

  • added support for RB816;

What's new in 2.23:

  • added support for RB750G;
  • added support for RB800;

What's new in 2.22:

  • fixed support for RB750;

What's new in 2.21:

  • added support for RB750;

What's new in 2.20:

  • added support for RB450G;

What's new in 2.19:

  • fixed support for MLC NAND chip;
  • fixed memory issue on RB600;

What's new in 2.18:

  • fixed via-rhine disappearing on RB532 and RB564;
  • added support for RB493AH;

What's new in 2.17:

  • added support for MLC NAND chip;

What's new in 2.16:

  • fixed bug - boot from NAND on RB532A could fail (bug introduced in 2.13);
  • fixed bug - etherboot on RB433/RB450 at 10Mbit did not work;

What's new in 2.15:

  • fixed RB333 overheating problem;
  • added support for microSD card on RB433;

What's new in 2.14:

  • fixed nand boot on RB150 (broken in v2.13);

What's new in 2.13:

  • improved memtest;
  • fixed RB600 memory issue;

What's new in 2.12:

  • nand improvement for RB532A;

What's new in 2.11:

  • fixed bug - in one rare case boot from NAND could fail with "data is corrupted" message while data is correctable in reality;

What's new in 2.10:

  • 100ms delay before PCI bus are initialized;

What's new in 2.9:

  • added support for RB192;

What's new in 2.8:

  • fixed CompactFlash resetting router config on RB153 (broken in v2.7);

What's new in 2.7:

  • fixed bug - RouterOS command "/system reset-configuration"

was not resetting RB532 VIA ethernet mac address to default;

  • added support for RB532r5;

What's new in 2.6:

  • fixed CompactFlash reseting router config on RB153;

What's new in 2.4:

  • fixed etherboot on RB100 to work reliably;

What's new in 2.2:

  • fixed repeated initrd image loading;

What's new in 2.1:

  • fixed crash during memory test within RouterBOOT;

What's new in 2.0:

  • added support for RB153;

What's new in 1.13:

  • fixed nand format feature to mark back really bad blocks as bad;

What's new in 1.12:

  • reset-jumper resets bios settings to defaults;

What's new in 1.11:

  • fixed reboot failure on RB500 with new RAM modules;

What's new in 1.10:

  • added workaround for reboot failure on RB500 with new RAM modules;

What's new in 1.9:

  • new boot option - "boot NAND, if fail then Ethernet";

What's new in 1.8:

  • fixed bug - it was possible for RB500 booter to stop working completely;

What's new in 1.7:

  • added nand format feature;

What's new in 1.3:

  • added support for large block NAND devices;

What's new in 1.2:

  • fixed bios entering on <delete> key for hyperterminal;
  • routerboard 100 beep before jumping to kernel code;
  • added nand READY/BUSY checking for rb100;
  • improved speed for memory test;