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Note: Information is this article will not be updated. This page is kept for archival purposes.

What's new in 3.40

  • removed support for QSFP28 swapped I2C;
  • minor improvements and fixes for CRS317;

What's new in 3.39

  • limit min CPU voltage on CCR1009 with fan;
  • initial support for CRS317;

What's new in 3.34.6

  • initial support for CRS326-24G-2S+;
  • fix ethernet leds on RB M11;
  • fix 10/100M etherboot on CRS106;

What's new in 3.33:

  • fixed reliability on Groove 52HPn;
  • fixed white screen issues on CCR1072;

What's new in 3.32:

  • added support for USB init delay for SXT LTE, RB92x, RB91xG, hAP ac lite;
  • fixed etherboot problems at 100Mbps speed for CCR1016-12S-1S+;

What's new in 3.31:

  • fixed etherboot problems at 1Gbps speed on DynaDish & SXT 5 ac (problem introduced in v3.29);

What's new in 3.30:

  • fixed reliability on Groove 52HPn;

What's new in 3.29:

  • fixed etherboot problems at 100Mbps speed on DynaDish;

What's new in 3.28:

  • fixed PCIe reset for RB953;
  • fixed 100MBit etherboot in DynaDish;

What's new in 3.27:

  • increased default RAM frequency for CCR1072;

What's new in 3.26:

  • fixed rare NAND boot failure with a crash on CloudCoreRouter boards;

What's new in 3.25:

  • shortened display strings for LCD;

What's new in 3.24:

  • fixed "protected RouterBOOT" to disable pin-hole reset;

What's new in 3.23:

  • fixed tilera NAND ALE init;

What's new in 3.22:

  • added protected boot:

What's new in 3.21:

  • disable RouterBOOT downgrade below backup booter version;
  • ar7240: fixed wifi on Metal-2SHPn;

What's new in 3.19:

  • fixed health monitor for "SXT 5HPnD r2"
  • improvements for wifi on Metal 2SHPn

What's new in 3.18:

  • fixeded boot from non-2-power partition count;

What's new in 3.17:

  • fixeded boot from nand on yaffs (broken in 3.11);

What's new in 3.16:

  • ar9344: fixed etherboot problems on CRS125 (probably other boards

as well);

What's new in 3.15:

  • qca9550: fixed etherboot at 100Mbit/s speed (broken in v3.14);

What's new in 3.14:

  • button: add cap function to reset button;

What's new in 3.13:

  • setup menu: added 1 minute inactivity timeout;

What's new in 3.12:

  • support for new products

What's new in 3.10:

  • ar934x: fixed RAM configuration for better stability;
  • lcd: improve speed;

What's new in 3.09:

  • ar7240: fixed rare power-on problems;
  • ar934x: fixedes possible ethernet problems;
  • WARNING: will auto reboot RB if RouterOS is older than v5.26;

What's new in 3.07:

  • lcd: show "ether boot" instead of "loading kernel" when ether booting;
  • fixed rare "loading kernel" problem;
  • ar9330: fixed RAM configuration for better stability;

What's new in 3.05:

  • fixeded buzzer on Groove A-52HPn;
  • fixeded support for non 2 power partition count;

What's new in 3.2.1:

  • fixeded etherboot on p2020,mpc8544,amcc460;
  • fixed possible etherboot problems on ar7100,ar7240,ar9330,ar9342,ar9344;

What's new in 3.1.1 (ar7100,ar7240,ar9330,ar9340,ar9344,tilegx 3.02 release):

  • ar9344: added new product support;
  • fixeded partition support not to hang bootup process;

What's new in 3.0.3:

  • finished partition support, requires RouterOS v6.0rc5 or newer;

What's new in 3.0.1 (tilegx 3.0 release):

  • pass routerboot version to RouterOS;

What's new in 3.0:

  • reset buton now supports RouterOS reset also on serial-port devices (push button right after power is applied);

What's new in 3.0rc4

  • ar9344: fixed etherboot with ar8327 switch chip;
  • ar9344: fixed ethernet leds on 100MBs links;
  • ar9344: fixed xlna on SXT-2nDr2;
  • ar9344: added lcd support on RB2011;
  • tilegx: added support for CCR 1016/1036 boards;

What's new in 2.40.5 (ar9330 2.41 release):

  • ar9330: fixedes few rb951-2n errors;

What's new in 2.40.3 (ar7100 2.41 release):

  • ar7100: fixed RB411L to have configuration reset with button;
  • fixed sw version soft setting not to have multiple copies;

What's new in 2.40.2 (ar9344 2.41 release):

  • fixed for easy ar9344 stale booter detection;
  • mips: reset some more CP0 registers to 0 on bootup;

What's new in 2.40.1:

  • AR934x: fixeded cache initialization (fixedes RB2011 stall on decompressing);

What's new in 2.39.5 (ar9344 2.40 release):

  • AR9344: added user-led support for RB2011;
  • added AR8327 rev B support (RB2011, RB433GL);

What's new in 2.39.4 (ar7240 2.39 release):

  • yaffs kernel load improvement;
  • P2020: faster kernel loading (ubifs optimization);

What's new in 2.39.3:

  • AR934x: increase AHB bus speed from DDR / 3 -> CPU / 3;
  • AR9344: improve NAND speed;
  • AR7100: remove duplicate spi access code (bios got smaller);
  • AR7240: fixeded button reset (broken in 2.38.3);

What's new in 2.39.2 (mpc8544 2.39 release):

  • AR7100: fixed RB433L etherboot led behavior;
  • AR9344: setup DDR RAM voltage before accessing it;
  • mips: change cpu mode description;

What's new in 2.39.1 (ar9330 2.39 release):

  • AR9330: fixeded support for 40 MHz crystal;
  • AR7100: fixeded NAND access through CPLD (broken in 2.38.3);
  • added 64MB large page nand support;

What's new in 2.38.4 (ar9344,ar9330 2.39 prerelease):

  • AR9344: fixeded etherboot on RB2011;

What's new in 2.38.3 (p2020 2.39 release):

  • P2020: increase kernel partition size to 8MB on large page nands;
  • AR7xxx: fixed cfg not to be lost at kernel load from nand;

What's new in 2.38.2 (ar9344 2.38 release):

  • AR9344: fixed ethernet switching on RB2011;
  • P2020: fixed 128 MB Samsung nand detection;

What's new in 2.38.1 (amcc460 2.38 release):

  • AMCC460: fixed support for some RAM modules;

What's new in 2.38:

  • added support for some new products;

What's new in 2.37:

  • pin-hole reset: changed default boot device to flashfig;
  • added support for some new products;

What's new in 2.36:

  • added support for some new products;

What's new in 2.35:

  • fixeded wireless throughput on SXT 5HnD (broken in 2.34);

What's new in 2.34:

  • fixeded wireless throughput on RB711 and Groove (broken in 2.31);

What's new in 2.33:

  • added support for Groove;
  • added support for RB751G;

What's new in 2.32:

  • fixeded beep after failed flashfig on SXT 5HnD;

What's new in 2.31:

  • Slight SXT booting speed improvement
  • Flashfig initialization improvements (makes sound if Flashfig server not used)

What's new in 2.30:

  • fixeded RB1000 not to reset configuration all the time (broken in v2.29);

What's new in 2.29:

  • fixeded rare issue with large nand booting;
  • fixeded RB800 and RB1100 to turn on user led during boot-up;
  • fixeded RB711 to turn off user led during boot-up;

What's new in 2.28:

  • fixeded problem - wireless did not show up on some RB411 units with 18V PoE power supply;

What's new in 2.27:

  • memory fixed for RB800/RB1000/RB1100;
  • fixeded problem - sometimes wireless was missing on RB711 after reboot;
  • fixeded pin-hole reset on RB750G;

What's new in 2.26:

  • added RB816 support on RB600;
  • fixeded router hangup during etherboot if blasted with lots of packets;
  • added silent boot;
  • fixeded Flashfig;

What's new in 2.25:

  • new feature - Flashfig;
  • fixeded etherboot on RB493;
  • fixeded occasional lockup of kernel image loading on RB400 series;
  • added disable UART feature;

What's new in 2.24:

  • added support for RB816;

What's new in 2.23:

  • added support for RB750G;
  • added support for RB800;

What's new in 2.22:

  • fixeded support for RB750;

What's new in 2.21:

  • added support for RB750;

What's new in 2.20:

  • added support for RB450G;

What's new in 2.19:

  • fixeded support for MLC NAND chip;
  • fixeded memory issue on RB600;

What's new in 2.18:

  • fixeded via-rhine disappearing on RB532 and RB564;
  • added support for RB493AH;

What's new in 2.17:

  • added support for MLC NAND chip;

What's new in 2.16:

  • fixeded bug - boot from NAND on RB532A could fail (bug introduced in 2.13);
  • fixeded bug - etherboot on RB433/RB450 at 10Mbit did not work;

What's new in 2.15:

  • fixeded RB333 overheating problem;
  • added support for microSD card on RB433;

What's new in 2.14:

  • fixeded nand boot on RB150 (broken in v2.13);

What's new in 2.13:

  • improved memtest;
  • fixeded RB600 memory issue;

What's new in 2.12:

  • nand improvement for RB532A;

What's new in 2.11:

  • fixeded bug - in one rare case boot from NAND could fail with "data is corrupted" message while data is correctable in reality;

What's new in 2.10:

  • 100ms delay before PCI bus are initialized;

What's new in 2.9:

  • added support for RB192;

What's new in 2.8:

  • fixeded CompactFlash resetting router config on RB153 (broken in v2.7);

What's new in 2.7:

  • fixeded bug - RouterOS command "/system reset-configuration"

was not resetting RB532 VIA ethernet mac address to default;

  • added support for RB532r5;

What's new in 2.6:

  • fixeded CompactFlash reseting router config on RB153;

What's new in 2.4:

  • fixeded etherboot on RB100 to work reliably;

What's new in 2.2:

  • fixeded repeated initrd image loading;

What's new in 2.1:

  • fixeded crash during memory test within RouterBOOT;

What's new in 2.0:

  • added support for RB153;

What's new in 1.13:

  • fixeded nand format feature to mark back really bad blocks as bad;

What's new in 1.12:

  • reset-jumper resets bios settings to defaults;

What's new in 1.11:

  • fixeded reboot failure on RB500 with new RAM modules;

What's new in 1.10:

  • added workaround for reboot failure on RB500 with new RAM modules;

What's new in 1.9:

  • new boot option - "boot NAND, if fail then Ethernet";

What's new in 1.8:

  • fixeded bug - it was possible for RB500 booter to stop working completely;

What's new in 1.7:

  • added nand format feature;

What's new in 1.3:

  • added support for large block NAND devices;

What's new in 1.2:

  • fixeded bios entering on <delete> key for hyperterminal;
  • routerboard 100 beep before jumping to kernel code;
  • added nand READY/BUSY checking for rb100;
  • improved speed for memory test;