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Mikrotik and Freeradius 1.0.4+ with MySql For PPP Authentication

This guide assumes you have a working Linux system (for the purpose of this guide Ubuntu 5.10 is used), The Linux system can communicate with the RouterOs system and you have a basic understanding of Linux and MySql commands. The purpose of this document is to walk you through the steps needed to configure freeradius, get freeradius talking to MySql and finally getting your RouterOs system to authenticate and assign IP's for PPP* connections.

  • All of the commands in the following guide assumes you are logged into *NIX systems as root or RouterOs systems as Admin

Setting Up Freeradius

Once you have installed freeradius with the MySql module on your Linux system its time to tidy up the base configuration. This guide assumes that the freeradius server will ONLY be serving RouterOs systems. In order for Mikrotik & freeradius to work nicely together a lot of unnecessary options/features in freeradius must be removed or turned off, we start this by trimming radiusd.conf

  • An example of a trimmed radiusd.conf can be found Here - This is in production use on a Ubuntu 5.10 server processing requests for PPPoE

From the example file we can safely ignore that the top lines - we only start to modify the files when we get to

log_stripped_names = yes