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The support file is used for debugging MikroTik RouterOS and to solve the support questions faster. All MikroTik Router information is saved in a binary file, which is stored on the router and can be downloaded from the router using ftp. This file does not contain RouterOS user passwords, you are not disclosing access information by sending us this file.

Make Support Output File


Generate Support Output File by clicking to Make Supout.rif,


Do not interrupt process of the file generating and wait until the supout window disappears.


To generate suppout.rif from the console run the command,


Wait until router will print out done.

Download Support Output File

Support output file can be download from the router by any FTP client. Check that firewall is not blocking FTP communication and FTP service is enabled,

 / ip service set ftp disabled=no


Attach support output file (supout.rif) to the e-mail and send it to support department (support@mikrotik.com)