Supported Hardware

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This page contains lists of hardware tested with RouterOS. Note: sample table below, please replace sample data with your data when first editing!


Model ROS version Result
Intel DG950 2.9.42 Ethernet not recognized
Chaintech AADF950 3.0 beta 5 Works fine
Asus A7V133-C 3.0 beta 7 Works fine
Abit KT7E 3.0 beta 7 Works fine
ECS nForce3-A 3.0 beta 5 Ethernet not recognized

Ethernet chipsets

Model ROS version Result
3c905B Cyclone 100BaseTX 2.9.42 Works!
D-Link DFE-580TX 4-port 3.0 beta 5 Bad card, not recommended. Hangs router