Supported Hardware

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Model ROS version Result
Intel DG950 2.9.42 Ethernet not recognized
Intel D945GCCRL 2.9.43 & 3.0 beta 5 Ethernet & DoM not recognized
Intel D945GNT 2.9.45 Works fine
Intel D945GZT-M 3.0rc4 Works fine
Chaintech AADF950 3.0 beta 5 Works fine
Asus A7V133-C 3.0 beta 7 Works fine
Abit KT7E 3.0 beta 7 Works fine
ECS nForce3-A 3.0 beta 5 Ethernet not recognized
ECS P4M800PRO-M478 2.9.43 No Apparent Problems, Disabled any unneeded devices in the BIOS
Gigabyte GA-6BXS 2.9.43 Works fine
Abit BE6 2.9.43 Works
Via EPIA-MII12000 2.9.42 Locks up under heavy load across wireless
Intel DG965SWH 3.0 beta 9 Works fine, but only with SATA not IDE
Supermicro 5015M-MR 2.9.28 Motherboard is PDSMi w dual core

Ethernet chipsets

Model ROS version Result
3c905B Cyclone 100BaseTX 2.9.42 Works!
3c905C-TX/TX-M [Tornado] (rev: 120) 2.9.43 Works!
3c905C-TX/TX-M [Tornado] (rev: 116) 2.9.43 Works!
3c905B-FX Fast Etherlink XL FX 100baseFx [Cyclone] (rev: 0) 2.9.43 Works but no link in Winbox and no Graph in Dude !!!!
Intel S82557 10/100MBit 2.9.43 works
D-Link DFE-580TX 4-port 3.0 beta 5 Bad card, not recommended. Hangs router
D-Link DFE-530/538TX 2.9.43 No apparent problems


Model ROS version Result
Compaq Presario 2282 2.9.43 With 3c905 [Boomerang], no apparent problems

3G cards

Model ROS version
Sierra Wireless AirCard 597E v3
Sierra Wireless AirCard 597E v3
AirPrime/Sierra PC 5220! v3
Sierra Wireless MC5720 v3
Sierra Wireless MC5725 v3
Sierra Wireless EM5625 v3
Sierra Wireless AirCard 595 v3
Sierra Wireless MC5720 v3
Sierra Wireless MC8755 v3
Sierra Wireless MC8765 v3
Sierra Wireless MC8755 for Europe v3
Sierra Wireless MC8775 v3
Sierra Wireless AirCard 875 v3
Sierra Wireless AirCard 580 v3
Huawei Mobile Connect Model E620 (3G); v3
Novatel Merlin S720 (HSDPA); v3
Audiovox PC5220 CDMA Dual Band 1XEV-DO PC Card v3
Verizon Express Network PC5220 (AirPrime 5220) v3
Kyocera KPC650 v3
Novatel Wireless CDMA card v3
Novatel U730 (Wireless HSDPA Modem) v3
Option G3 PCMCIA card (Vodafone UMTS) v3
Sierra Aircard 595 v3
Option Globetrotter HSDPA USB v3