UPnP Multi-WAN

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1. Make the simplest UPnP config for just WAN1.

2. Add the following script: will clone UPnP NAT entries from WAN1 as normal NAT entries for WAN2: (Schedule every few minutes) (set <WAN2 IP> manually)

foreach i in=([/ip fi nat find dynamic]) do={/ip fi nat add chain=dst-nat dst-address="<WAN2 IP>" protocol=[/ip fi nat get $i protocol] to-addresses=[/ip fi nat get $i to-addresses] to-ports=[/ip fi nat get $i to-ports] action=dst-nat dst-port=[/ip fi nat get $i dst-port] comment="UPnP_Cloned"}

NOTE: A fix is needed to clone only new Dynamic NAT entries

3. Schedule cloned NAT entry removing every other night:

/ip firewall nat remove [/ip firewall nat find comment="UPnP_Cloned"]