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(New in version 4.5)
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== Changelog ==
== Changelog ==
=== New in version 4.6 ===
# Signup page customization
=== New in version 4.5 ===
=== New in version 4.5 ===

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New in version 4.6

  1. Signup page customization

New in version 4.5

  1. Added User Signup
  2. Added MAC binding option
  3. Router IP hidden and Download, Upload, Uptime fields shown for sessions in user page
  4. Added Setting page for users;

New in version 4.4

  1. PayPal "Return to merchant" link was not working - fixed
  2. Fixed bug - "disabled=true" was shown in tables for all users, customers and routers
  3. Refresh User Profile list on successful payment
  4. Actual-transfer field added for users
  5. Fixed bug - warning saying "cannot add payment" was shown when adding profile without price to user
  6. Fixed bug - Profile tab was not shown for users with profile from different owner (customer)
  7. Fixed bug - router removal sometimes led to crash
  8. Fixed bug - when customer removed, dependent objects were not removed properly
  9. Added payment debug information in console log

New in version 4.3

  1. PayPal and Authorize.Net payment support

New in version 4.1

  1. Added support for all time zones

New in version 4.0

  1. User profile bugfixes
  2. Actual profile details added in user web interface
  3. Payment gateway configuration (Payments not available yet)

New in version 4.0rc1

  1. Support for Mikrotik-Wireless-Psk, Mikrotik-Wireless-Enc-Key and Mikrotik-Wireless-Enc-Algo
  2. Last used MAC address for users
  3. Disabled row foreground color as configurable style attribute
  4. Improved performance
  5. Fixed bugs related to setting saving, multiple simultaneous browser usage, profile statistic calculation, user status page access issues
  6. Language support
  7. File upload directory for storing User Manager logos

Current Status

in v4.3

Not working yet

  • Reports
  • Multi-user extend
  • User signup

Partially working

  • Vouchers
  • Client interface

Setup Examples