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To make this setup, you should have running [DHCP server on the router. Let's consider configuration steps for DHCP and User Manager routers, in order to use User Manager for DHCP server users.

DHCP router configuration

  • Set DHCP to use User Manager for DHCP server users,
/ ip dhcp-server set dhcp1 use-radius=yes
  • Add radius client to consult User Manager for DHCP service.
/ radius add service=dhcp address=y.y.y.y secret=123456

'secret' is equal to User Manager router secret. 'y.y.y.y' is the User Manager router address.

  • Note, first local router database is consulted, then User Manager database.

User Manager configuration

/ tool user-manager customer add login="MikroTik" password="qwerty" permissions=owner
   * Add DHCP router information to router list, 
/ tool user-manager router add subscriber=MikroTik ip-address=x.x.x.x shared-secret=123456

'x.x.x.x' is the address of the DHCP router, 'shared-secret' should match on both User Manager and DHCP routers.

  • Add DHCP user information, that set client with MAC address 00:01:29:27:81:95 will always receive address.
/ tool user-manager user add add subscriber=MikroTik username="00:01:29:27:81:95" ip-address=

We discuss only basic configuration example, detailed information about user menu configuration.

  • You can use User Manager web interface after first subscriber created.
  • To make sure, that user is receiving lease from User Manager,
 / ip dhcp-server lease> print
 Flags: X - disabled, R - radius, D - dynamic, B - blocked
 0 R   00:01:29:27:81:95              dhcp1               bound

'R' means that lease received from User Manager server.