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Applies to RouterOS: v3.x

  1. Create credit;
  2. Create users accounts with desired credits;
  3. Open user table in customer web-page;
  4. Check users for which you want to print vouchers;
  5. Chose action Generate > print page (at the bottom of the table);
  6. Formatted information will be shown on the page. It is ready for printing.
  7. Choose File > Print in your web-browser.

generate print page

Steps 2-5 can be replaced by:

  1. Open User-batch-add form (Users > batch add, or form in status page) in customer web-page;
  2. configure, how many users to create, which credits to use;
  3. checkbox show printpage must be checked;
  4. csv file can also be generated with newly created user data, but it is optional;
  5. generate users;

batch add users