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If there is only one subscriber registered, user pages don't require any setup.

If there are many subscribers registered in the User Manager, it must be specified explicitly, to which subscriber the user belongs, because there can be many users with the same login belonging to different subscribers.

How to find?

User page can be found at address: http://Router_IP_address/user?subs=publicID , where

  • "Router_IP_address" must be replaced with IP address of your router where the User Manager is running (don't mix it with the HotSpot router, if User Manager and HotSpot are running on different routers);
  • publicID must be replaced with public-id of the subscriber who is the owner of this user;
  • If there is only one subscriber on this router the part "?subs=..." can be skipped, i.e., then the address http://Router_IP_address/user can be used.

What is Public ID and how to change it?

Each subscriber already has an unique field - login. But for security reasons another field - Publid ID is used. Note: In earlier versions (until version 2.9.31) login is used to identify subscriber.

Each customer has a Public ID.

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