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How to find?

User page can be found at address: http://Router_IP_address/user?subs=publicID , where

  • "Router_IP_address" must be replaced with IP address of your router where the User Manager is running (don't mix it with the HotSpot router, if User Manager and HotSpot are running on different routers);
  • publicID must be replaced with public ID of the subscriber who is the owner of this user;
  • If there is only one subscriber on this router the part "?subs=..." can be skipped, i.e., then the address http://Router_IP_address/user can be used.

What is Public ID and how to change it?

See: Subscriber public ID.

Link to user page

Links and buttons to user page can be used in other web pages. There are several things configurable:

  • router IP address;
  • subscriber's public ID;
  • caption on the link/button.

Textual link

To get a textual link to user page, replace this template with your own values:

<a href="http://%hostname%/user?subs=%subid%">%caption%</a>
  •  %hostname% - router's hostname or IP address;
  •  %subid% - subscriber's public ID;
  •  %caption% - caption of the link that will be show to user.

Example: To get a link to router's demo subscriber user page, use the following link:

<a href="">This is an example link to Mikrotik User Manager demo User page</a>

And it looks like this: This is an example link to Mikrotik User Manager demo User page

Link button

To get a button, which leads to user page, replace this template with your own values:

<button onclick="document.location='http://%hostname%/user?subs=%subid%'">%caption%</button>

Example: To get a button-link to router's demo subscriber user page, use the following link:

<button onclick="document.location=''">Check</button>

The visual representation cannot be shown here because of the wiki security so you have to pretend how it looks like.

The same button-link is used in HotSpot page templates. By default it looks like this:

<!-- user manager link -->
<button onclick="document.location='http://$(hostname)/user?subs='">status</button>

$(hostname) here is replaced with the hostname of the HotSpot router (so the default link works only if HotSpot and User Manager are running on the same router). And "subs=" means that first subscriber will be used (works fine when there's only one subscriber on the router). Hostname and subscriber id can be replaced with desired values.


This par of a document describes sections available in user page. For navigation use the menu on the left side:

User page menu


Here the user can see account's status:

  • Summary;
  • Credits;
  • Sessions.

Sample screenshot:

User status section

This information is also formatted for printing. See print preview in the browser (Usually under File > Print preview in the browser's toolbar). Credits and sessions are formed in tables. These tables can be "minimized" - the button on the upper right corner of the table. A minimized table will not be printed (see print preview).


Here the user can see:

  • Prepaid time - duration of all the credits bought (See: time constants). Or the word unlimited (See prepaid and unlimited users);
  • Total price - how much all the credits cost;
  • Uptime limit - the maximum allowed duration of user's sessions;
  • Uptime used - current duration of user's sessions;
  • Download used
  • Upload used


Table with all credits this user has bought. No data for unlimited users.

Sample screenshot:

User credits

If there are credits that are not started yet (see: credits), start-time and end-time fields contain values "awaiting login".


Table with all user's sessions.

Sample screenshot:

User sessions


Here the user can view payment history and buy a new credit . This section is only available if the subscriber has allowed any payments.

View payments

Table with all user payments.

Sample screenshot:


To see all details of specific payment, open payment detail form by clicking on ID in the table.

Payment detail form

Detail form with payment data:

Payment details

Contains all payment fields.

Buy credit

A new credit can be bought here using payment methods which are allowed by the subscriber.

There are a number of restrictions for this sub-section to be accessible:

  • Secure connection (https) must be used to access the site. Otherwise a notification with a link to secure page will be shown;
  • At least one payment method must be allowed by the subscriber;
  • Subscriber must have configured all required payment attributes;

Sample screenshot:

Buy credit

Here user can see his/her current balance and choose a credit to buy. After click on the "Buy" button user will be redirected to payment gateway where he/she will have to enter required data to process payment.

Important - payment data (such as credit card number and expiry date) is sent directly from user's computer to payment gateway and is not captured by User Manager. User Manager processes only response about the payment result from the payment gateway. This response does not contain any sensitive user's data.

When the payment is successful, the selected credit is added to user's account.

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