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  • Users are people who use services provided by customers;
  • Each user can have time, traffic and speed limitations;
  • Users belong to specific subscriber, not to customer. Customers can create, modify and delete users but the owner is the subscriber who is also owner of these customers;
  • To separate users among customers of one subscriber, user prefix is used.
  • User data contains:
    • Username and password - used to identify user. Different subscribers can have users with the same username;
    • First name, last name, phone, location. Informational;
    • Email. Used to send notifications to user (for ex., sign-up email);
    • IP address. If not blank, user will get this IP address on successful authorization;
    • Pool name. If not blank, user will get IP address from this IP pool on successful authorization;
    • Group. Sent to Radius client as Mikrotik-Group attribute. Indicates group (/user group) for RouterOS users and profile for HotSpot users. See Radius client documentation for further details, search for "Mikrotik-Group".
    • Address list. Sent to Radius client as Mikrotik-Address-List attribute. Indicates to which "ip firewall address-list" should the remote address be added.
    • Download limit. Limit of download traffic, in bytes;
    • Upload limit. Limit of upload traffic, in bytes;
    • Transfer limit. Limit of total traffic (download + upload), in bytes;
    • Uptime limit. Limit of total time the user can use services. When left blank, user is limited in time only by credits. Note that this value only takes effect when a user is logged on. When they log off the clock is stopped. If you want to limit the time whether or not the user is logged in, you have to use credits.
    • Rate limits. Has several parts. For more detailed description see HotSpot User AAA, search for "rate-limit".
  • User also have read-only counters:
    • Uptime used;
    • Download used;
    • Upload used.

Note: RouterOS users have nothing to do with User Manager user. If you have RouterOS user admin, it doesn't mean it will also be a customer/subscriber in User Manager.