WISP Delivering Public IPs Via EOIP Tunnels by Rick Frey

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You own a small WISP (Wireless Heroes) in your home town with about 200 subscribers. Your Internet provider has issued you a small number of public IP addresses ( Because you have so few addresses to work with you don't want to use any of the public IPs to route your network. Most of your customers do not need a Public IP address, so you are looking for method of delivering the public IPs to the few business customers that need them without losing any to routing.


This lab was built using GNS3. We will be using a router to simulate the Internet. When you are finished the Customer's router will be able to ping the “Internet” ( and the “Internet” will be able to ping the customer's router (



Tested on ROS 6.7

Virtual Devices Needed:

5 VMs running ROS (required)

1 VM running your choice of OS for web or winbox management (optional)

Video Solutions:




File:CPE Intial.txt

File:Customer Router Intial.txt

File:Gateway Router Intial.txt

File:Internet Router Intial.txt

File:Tower Router 1 Intial.txt


File:CPE Final.txt

File:Customer Router Final.txt

File:Gateway Router Final.txt

File:Internet Router Final.txt

File:Tower Router 1 Final.txt

Pros to this Approach:

It easily allows you to deliver the public IPs without complex routing.

Cons to This Approach:

The customer bypasses any network controls on the network that other customers would have in place.

Additional Resources:

ROS Manual - http://wiki.mikrotik.com/wiki/Manual:Interface/EoIP

IP Architechs – www.iparchitechs.com 1-855-MikroTik