Basic Installation of RouterOS

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This example shows how to install and configure Mikrotik RoterOS.

First download new RouterOS form here [1]

Then write ISO image file to CD and put in CD-ROM Drive and turn on.


Press "a" key for select all and then press "i"

Answer "n" to first question and "y" to second

Bi2.gif after installation remove cd from cdrom and press "Enter"

after rebooting type "admin" as login and no password.

Add IP address

When mikrotik prompt is ready assign IP address to NIC:

/ip address
 add address= interface=ether1
 add address= interface=ether2

ether1 = WAN ( Connected To Your Router ) Alone -- ether2= LAN ( Connected To Your Switch (hub) With Clients -- now add default gateway IP address:

/ip route
 add gateway=, and is sample data and you should use your IP for setting

if use your IP now you can ping internet

ping 64 byte ping: ttl=242 time=255 ms 64 byte ping: ttl=242 time=243 ms 64 byte ping: ttl=242 time=247 ms 64 byte ping: ttl=242 time=243 ms
4 packets transmitted, 4 packets received, 0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max = 243/247.0/255 ms



NAT will use until client with invalid IP connect to internet, so we must run NAT on mikrotik and set client IP in range of and set client gateway to NIC of mikrotik)

/ip firewall nat
 add chain=srcnat action=masquerade out-interface=ether1

this will be route all traffic to interface 1 that have an valid IP so will be NAT and go to internet