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I am using Mikrotik Users' Manager, everything seems to be working perfectly until recently when the following problems start occuring.

1. My User Cannot log in again after they log out until I reboot the router. 2. After rebooting the system the User time will start from the begining again as if they have just log in afresh.

Please what can I do this is urgent.

Distribute by Day and night user

Hi i am mehedi. i want my users devided two cetagories.Day user and night user. I found some Script.Script is below.

/system scheduler

  1. name=”Day” on-event=Day start-date=oct/13/2007 start-time=06:00:00interval=1d
  2. name=”Night” on-event=Night start-date=oct/13/2007 start-time=18:00:00 interval=1d

But i dont Know where is ending time and what is intrval=1d. How can block my user againist ip address. Where is ip address i can write. Suppose my ip is

please discribe it any one