Initial MAC Winbox Connection

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The information on this page may be out of date. To give the routerboard an IP address, hard reset the device using the instructions here:


Standard procedures to do a Winbox MAC connection is so easy as soon as you know how to set a static IP in your windows/linux machine. If you don't have that knowledge, you won't be able to connect and what's more, you sure don't need a RouterOS machine at all.

This small guide works for any hardware running RouterOS. It doesn't explain how to run Winbox on any OS different from Windows. You should know in advance how to use Wine or any other Win32 Loader for your non-Microsoft OS.

If you are using a Routerboard board, you must use the Ethernet port that is POE-capable; MAC Winbox won't work on the others (or at least, didn't work to me). In general, you must use Ether1 port. If you don't know which port is, try on all ports.


  • Know how to set a static IP in your windows/linux/MacOS machine.
  • Winbox. if you don't have it get it at:
  • A straight ethernet cable
  • Everything needed to power on RouterOS Machine.

Detailed Instructions

0. Power On RouterOS machine. Let it load, first boot takes a bit more.

1. If you are using a laptop or a computer with a wireless connection, turn it off: disconnect from Acces Point, turn off laptop switch, or disable interface.

2. Select a ethernet interface in your computer (if you have more than one) and connect it using a ethernet cable to the routerOS machine. Disable or disconnect the interfaces you are not using.

3. Set a IP/subnet mask to the selected interface. The selected IP address doesn't matter at this moment, but should be in the same range that RouterOS Machine will be, in order to save some time after initial configuration.

5. Open winbox.

6. Make sure there's no IP/MAC written in the address field, I had problems discovering MACs when there are addresses in there. [winbox1.jpg]

7. Click the [...] button and wait for your RouterOS MAC appear. Click on it. [winbox2.jpg] 8. Enter username and password in their respective fields. By default, username is: admin and there is no password, leave it blank.

9. Uncheck "Secure Mode". It can cause some troubles using MAC-Winbox.

10. Click [Connect] and wait for login process to finish.

11. Do a basic configuration to your RouterOS machine. Set the desired IPs and click [Exit] on Winbox window. Make sure to remember the assigned IP address.

12. Configure your computer IP address to the same range that RouterOS, if you didn't set in the same range before.

13. Enter RouterOS machine IP address in Winbox Address field

14. If you have security package enabled (by default, it is), check "Secure Mode" box to crypt the transmission. It's not needed if you are sure nobody else can get connection to your RouterOS Machine

15. Continue configuration process.

That's all folks!