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We installed a mikrotik radio ( on approx 30 meter high metal Mast. This radio functions as a repeater, communicating with the main base station ( located some 400m away, on WDS mode. it worked for about 3 weeks and suddenly stopped communicating with the base station. My engineer brought it down, reset and reconfigured it and we tested it again on the ground beside the mast where we got good line of sight before mounting. it worked well and communicated well with the main station, but when we mounted it on the mast, it worked for few seconds and could no longer communicate with base station. The site engr logged into winbox of the 'faulty' radio and this info kept recurring on the log while trying to communicate with the main. " Wants WDS, etensive data loss.". The engr suspects the problem is because the mast on which the faulty radio was mounted was not earthed. Could this be the cause? what would u advise. pls explain in simple language because am a beginner in this field. (N.b there are 4 mikrotik radio configured in the network. the main and other three in star topology. but the main station can now only 'see' two stations instead of three, bcos is faulty)