Monitoring Network thru SMS Alerts

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Monitor Network thru SMS Alerts

Now it is possible to monitor your network using SMS alerts, while you are on move, you can have a close watch on your network via SMS on your mobile.

To enable this facility, we need to attach GSM Modem with MikroTik.

Configuration is as follows.

STEP-1 Connect GSM Modem on serial or USB port of MikroTik Router

STEP-2 Configure Netwatch.

/tool netwatch add
up-script=”/tool sms send serial0 "9909890908" message="Message" 
down-script="/tool sms send serial0 "9909890908" message="Message"

Repeating the above steps you can configure your whole network, you need to change host, Interval, timeout & message value according to your requirements

edit: for USB Modem use

up-script=”/tool sms send usb3 "9909890908" message="Message" 
down-script="/tool sms send usb3 "9909890908" message="Message"

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