SNMP Proxy

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SNMP proxy agent enhances the management of the networks, where are located different routers with SNMP support. SNMP proxy agent is used as single middle-point between different devices and SNMP collectors. Different devices are devices, that provide information over SNMP, like routers, switches; SNMP collector - end device that manages SNMP information and creates final results for end customers (like graphs for the different parameteres).

SNMP proxy agent benefits:

  • Single gateway to manage multiple SNMP devices in a network, reduce SNMP queries load;
  • Filtering received information from SNMP devices, provides with opportunity to set filtering actions (allow/disallow) to different SNMP information, that is dedicated to SNMP collector;
  • Allows to share one router SNMP information for different SNMP collectors.

Different SNMP proxy agents can be used NET-SNMP, AdventNet SNMP utils and others.