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Hello everybody ; Here i would like to give you my reply and a comment about the pppoe and how to prevent the queue from resetting if the client made a disconnection and connect again . by the following long method the queue will keep all his traffic until you reboot the MikroTik or reset the counters . 1. in pppoe you have to make two pools , one for the server ip's " local ip " and the second one as the client's ip " remote ip " . 2. make the first pool , pool1 from 3. make a pool per user like : user1 , pool2 user2 , pool3 and keep going on this base . do to the pppoe profiles and make profile per user , like : profile1 : local ip " pool1 " and remote ip " pool2 " profile2 : local ip " pool1 " and remote ip " pool3 " also keep going on this base . now we should go to the pppoe secrets and when we add a username and password for each client , we are going to include the profile name in it which it contain the pool information . do not make a limitation in the profiles and later we will use it in the simple queue . now for each client we have as like as a static ip . add a queue in simple queue and write in it the target address which it the client ip , put the tx,rx limitations as you need . now you have a static queue for each pppoe client which it will not be earesed if the client disconnect the link to the server .

i hope it will help you . with best regards .