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Applies to RouterOS: v3.x

There are different kinds of reports:

  • user time and traffic reports over a period of time;
  • single user report;
  • user credit vouchers (print page).

User time and traffic report

Can be found in customer page report section.

It is a user time and traffic report for printing. The configuration panel will not be visible in printable form, only the results.

Configurable attributes:

  • Which users will included - prepaid, unlimited or both;
  • Must time and price or download and upload be shown;
  • Period - all actions, only last month, this year, etc.

Note: only those of prepaid users will be counted which have credits ending in between period boundaries. For example, if the period is from "2006-Jan-01" till "2006-Jan-31", then user with credit starting at "2005-12-31" and ending at "2006-01-03" will be counted, but a user with credit starting at "2006-01-30" and ending at "2006-02-05" will NOT be counted in this report. This is because credits can be more than one day long and one credit has to be counted only in one monthly report (the second credit will be counted in february's report, not in january's).

If the user has many credits, they can be counted in different periods:

  • If there is a credit used before this period, the minus sign (-) is shown in prepaid time field;
  • If there is a credit started after this period, the plus sign ( ) is shown in extend time field;
  • If there is a credit that is not started yet (awaiting login), an asterisk (*) is shown in extend time field.

Sample report: report

Single user report

This report contains detailed information about one single user, including:

The report is same as status section in user web-page, except that in customer web-page are also links to session detail form which contains read-only information about selected session.

To get single user report in customer web-page:

  1. Open user section;
  2. Click on the login field of desired user in the table. A user detail form will be shown;
  3. Press the button "View report". The single user report page will be opened.

See: user web-page for screenshot.

User credit vouchers

Credit vouchers are printable pages with information about users - prepaid time, price, login and password and some additiol information.

Vouchers can be used in hotels, cafes, bars and other institution who provide HotSpot internet access. Print vouchers and sell them to users. User gets the login and password and can start using HotSpot.

Also unlimited user accounts are printable to vouchers.

Each voucher contains only one user account, But many vouchers can be generated at once.

Sample (dashed frame used only to show borders of the image):


See: How to create timed Voucher?.