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Applies to RouterOS: v4.x test package


MAC binding is a feature, when users MAC address is not specified beforehand, but is fixed (bound) when the user connects for the first time. Further the user is allowed to use only this MAC address.

In User Manager MAC address can be re-bound also for users with previously fixed one. In this case MAC address is re-fixed at next user logon.

Binding MAC address in the Web interface

To bind MAC address, check the box "Bind on first use" for Caller ID field from the Constraints group in User Detail form:

MAC Binding in Web

To specify a particular MAC address, un-check this box and type in the MAC address manually.

Binding MAC address in console

To bind MAC address in console, just change users caller-id to "bind":

 /tool user-manager add customer=admin name=user1 caller-id=bind