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Detail form is used to show all the attributes of an object, because it is sometimes impossible to display them all in a table. It is also used to add new data records.

Detail form is show in a Javascript pop-up window. It is not a real window, it's javascript window, so it won't be blocked by the browser's pop-up blocker:

User detail form

Visual appearance:

  • Popup-window has a title-bar. Click on the titlebar and hold down the mouse to drag the window;
  • There is a close button on the upper-right corner which closes the popup-window;
  • Multiple popup-windows can be open at the same time;
  • If one window is behind another, it can be brought to the top by clicking on it's title-bar;
  • Some fiels are grouped together and hidden by default. For example, user has field groups named "Private information" and "Rate limits". There is a show/hide chechbox for each such group.


  • Contents of a detail form may differ depending on permissions. One customer may have read-only access to the object while other customer may be allowed to edit it;
  • Option buttons are located at the bottom of a form.
  • Read-only fields are displayed as simple text labels. Read-write fields are displayed as text inputs, select boxes etc.

Detail forms can also be informational and contain read-only fields. For example, session detail form:

Session details