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MikroTik User Manager can be downloaded from the MikroTik web site download section. In there find the system and software version that you need this package for and download Extra packages archive for it. In this archive you will find User Manager package.


Perform the usual router upgrade steps - upload the User Manager package to the router's FTP server and reboot the router.

Create first Customer


Note: Starting from version 3.0 a default Subscriber/Customer with login admin and empty password is created when User Manager package is installed for the first time. I.e., the 'admin' subscriber/customer account is created only if the User Manager package was not installed prior to version 3.0.

If you are using a version prior to 4-test, Customers were called subscribers, so then the first subscriber must be added using Mikrotik terminal (console). All the configuration is done under the /tool user-manager menu.

To create a v3 subscriber or v4-test/v5 Customer you should go to /tool user-manager customer menu and execute add command. It will ask for the username which you will use.

or you can enter this into the command line:

 [admin@USER_MAN] /tool user-manager customer> add login="admin" 
password="PASSWORD" permissions=owner

You can use the following command to change the password for the 'admin' user:

 [admin@USER_MAN] /tool user-manager customer set admin password=PASSWORD

After that you can use print command to see what you have added.

 [admin@USER_MAN] /tool user-manager customer> print
  Flags: X - disabled
   0   login="admin" password="adminpassword" backup-allowed=yes currency="USD" 
       time-zone=-00:00 permissions=owner signup-allowed=no paypal-allowed=no
       paypal-secure-response=no paypal-accept-pending=no

Note: Subscriber shown only in version 3

After that you can use the web interface.

Use web interface

To log on customer web interface type the following address in your web browser: http://Router_IP_address/userman

where "Router_IP_address" must be replaced with IP address of your router.

Use login and password of the subscriber you have created in console.

Note: On RouterOS 4.1, User-manger webinterface is unreachable with an HTTP 404 when attempting to navigate to http://inside_ip/userman from behind a Hotspot interface where inside_ip is an non-NAT'd IP address on the router. Two workarounds: change the 'www' service port from 80 to something other than 80 or 8080, such as port 81. Then use http://inside_ip:81/userman, or use an IP address hotspot users are NAT'd to (http://outside_ip/userman) instead.