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Tables can be searched (filtered) by one field. This field is specific for each kind of table. For example, users are filtered by username, routers - by name.

Filter pattern:

  • is case-insensitive.
  • matches a part of the value. (abc matches abc, abcde, 123abc, 123abcde). Pattern "abc" is actually used as "%abc%" (See below for explanation of character %);
  • Special characters can be used:
    •  % - matches any sequence of zero or more characters;
    • _ - matches any single character;
    • \ - escape character. Use it before '%', '_' and '\' literals to match them as regular characters.


  • "spot" matches hotspot, hotSpot, HotSpot, HotSpots, HOTSPOT, ...
  • "r%m" matches rm, arm, armor, ram, rome, aroma, Mikrotik manager ...