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What's new in v3.18:

  • ) fixed problem where winbox could not login in RouterOS v6.43 router for some users;

What's new in v3.17:

  • ) fixed sudden disconnects from the router (bug was introduced in v3.15);

What's new in v3.16:

  • ) added back support for connecting to older RouterOS v6 versions;
  • ) fixed crash when connecting to newest RouterOS on MacOS wine;

What's new in v3.15:

  • ) fixed problem where connecting through RoMON agent with the incomplete package set not all menus were available on the target router;
  • ) fixed arrow keys in table filter fields;
  • ) when connected to romon agent mark session as romon one;

What's new in v3.14:

  • ) added support for new style authentication and encryption for connections to RouterOS v6.43;
  • ) make all connections in secure mode (all data is encrypted with AES128-CBC-SHA);
  • ) make winbox self upgrade check .exe signature;
  • ) make up/down keys select previous/next entry in address/neighbors list in connect window while login name or password fields are in focus;
  • ) make mouse wheel work anywhere in connect window if login or password fields are in focus;
  • ) remember Romon Neighbours Table column widths;
  • ) fixed problem where selected table items were moved to the top if the table filters dropdown button was clicked twice;

What's new in v3.13:

  • ) abandoned support for connecting to older RouterOS versions (older than v6), no DLLs will ever be downloaded;
  • ) winbox.exe is now signed executable;

What's new in v3.12:

  • ) added a new menu entry - "Export Without Passwords";
  • ) make Enter start filtering in Connect window if some of the filters are changed instead of connecting to router;
  • ) do not keep old passwords if user unselected Keep-Password later;
  • ) make a file copy & paste work between routers again;
  • ) make Enter key activate Connect if one of connect fields were active even when the master password field has not been entered yet;
  • ) fixed Reconnect in RoMON mode with "Open In New Window" enabled;

What's new in v3.11:

  • ) fixed wireless interface tabs, HT MCS tab was not shown in 5g/n/ac mode;
  • ) ask for confirmation when exiting or disconnecting in Safe Mode;
  • ) fixed problem where context menu Add command could not be selected if it had submenu;
  • ) fixed problem where ip accounting settings were always disabled;

What's new in v3.10:

  • ) fixed crash on the latest Windows developer builds;
  • ) fixed crash on disconnect;

What's new in v3.9:

  • ) fixed problem - some item disable did not work;
  • ) fixed problem - port numbers & related info could not be specified in firewall after tcp protocol was selected;

What's new in v3.8:

  • ) support RouterOS v6.39;
  • ) fixed a problem when the table header was hidden if filters were activated;
  • ) after Log window was opened the second time, updates were not displayed automatically;

What's new in v3.7:

  • ) support RouterOS v6.38 with dude package installed;

What's new in v3.6:

  • ) fixed problem where some of the choice fields were in red even if a proper value was selected;
  • ) fixed problem where intial configuration window was shown twice on first connect;

What's new in v3.5:

  • ) fixed file upload via Upload button;
  • ) do not disconnect from router if none of the windows are open;
  • ) report error if telnet failed;
  • ) handle properly romon authentication failures;

What's new in v3.4:

  • ) added support for RouterOS v6.35;
  • ) added Upload button to Files List;
  • ) added Download action to files context menu;
  • ) remember router note in reconnect window;

What's new in v3.3:

  • ) added back 'Exit' button;
  • ) show all managed entries on Reconnect failure;
  • ) make mac winbox work more reliably (makes possible to connect to RB850);
  • ) make RoMON work with RouterOS older than v6.35;

What's new in v3.2:

  • ) added Close All Windows to Session menu;
  • ) added New Session command to reset all session info;
  • ) move Exit command to Session menu and make it exit winbox;
  • ) added Disconnect command under Session menu that returns to connect window;
  • ) fixed problem where firewall rule numbers went out of sync when somebody

else was moving them around;

  • ) support new Romon policy (introduced in RouterOS v6.35);

What's new in v3.1:

  • ) fixed problem where on startup all the fields were not shown in advanced mode;
  • ) fixed problem where Alt-Tab made popup menu non clickable;
  • ) connect to v5 routeros properly (without missing ppp & ipv6 menus);
  • ) made Exit to go back to Connect window if it wasn't in "open-in-new-window" mode;
  • ) fixed table sorting by version column;
  • ) fixed managed table filtering by groups;
  • ) support all the latest routerboards;
  • ) show only alive romon neighbors in neighbor table;

What's new in v3.0:

  • ) do not reset username & password when one of the routers is selected in neighbors list;

What's new in v3.0rc17:

  • ) discover older version RouterOS routers and SwOS switches as well;

What's new in v3.0rc16:

  • ) fixed problem where it was not possible to connect to router through RoMON if Open in New Window was enabled;

What's new in v3.0rc15:

  • ) make "Install & Upgrade" button work again;
  • ) fixed crash when typing Ctrl-D in empty terminal window;

What's new in v3.0rc14:

  • ) show properly advanced mode on start up;
  • ) make console use whole terminal window width on reopen;

What's new in v3.0rc13:

  • ) allow to specify romon agent via command line;
  • ) fixed window size when winbox is opened first time;
  • ) fixed problem where it was not possible to connect to router through RoMON if Open in New Window was enabled;

What's new in v3.0rc12:

  • ) added "clear cache" command to Tools menu;

What's new in v3.0rc11:

  • ) fixed session saving;
  • ) move cursor to password or login field when host is selected in address list or in neighbors

What's new in v3.0rc10:

  • ) remember first window size;
  • ) fixed crash when trying to connect to the router;
  • ) fixed connecting by mac addresses on Windows with multiple network cards (needs at least RouterOS v6.29 on the router as well);
  • ) added back keyboard shortcuts for tables (INS for add, DEL for remove and all other with Ctrl prefixes);
  • ) added support for Shift+Ins, Ctrl+Ins, Shift+Del shortcuts in text entry fields;
  • ) fixed crash when connecting to v5 routers;
  • ) fixed problem where group column contents were not shown;

What's new in v3.0rc9:

  • ) added advanced mode;

What's new in v3.0rc8:

  • ) added RoMON support;
  • ) show default values in CAPSMAN settings;
  • ) fixed crash when reopening ping or profile window;

What's new in v3.0rc6:

  • ) allow to inline comments per table bases as well;
  • ) remember table filters in current sessions;
  • ) remember Torch window column sorting order & visibility;
  • ) by default hide all passwords;
  • ) remember that session was <own> on reconnects;

What's new in v3.0rc5:

  • ) fixed problem where active session was not loaded immediately on connect;

What's new in v3.0rc4:

  • ) fixed problem were secure connections when opening in new window were not closed;
  • ) fixed problem when inline-comment added comment column where no comments were allowed;
  • ) added save session to Session menu;

What's new in v3.0rc3:

  • ) fixed problem where inline-comments setting to affected only visible tabs;
  • ) allow to move session file folder;
  • ) allow to choose session file from any place;
  • ) fixed embedded table size;

What's new in v3.0rc2:

  • ) allow to make object list windows smaller;
  • ) support connecting to v5 routers with "Open In New Window";
  • ) do not save last session password if address list is encrypted;
  • ) fixed problem where "open in new window" didn't work;
  • ) fixed crash on session save;
  • ) fixed crash when opening ip web proxy access window;
  • ) handle correctly sessions that have ':' in their names;

What's new in v3.0rc1:

  • ) made global setting for comment inlining;
  • ) added session management;
  • ) added ability to connect to multiple routers at once;
  • ) added ability to save address list in another place;
  • ) added ability to encrypt address list file;
  • ) fixed Dst. Address filter in ip routes;
  • ) make winbox work with teamviewer;
  • ) report connection & disconnect status in-place;

What's new in v3.0beta3:

  • ) make log table show last entries automatically;
  • ) fixed problem were changing managed entries made them disappear;
  • ) when sorting by groups inline category headers as well;
  • ) added "New Winbox" button;
  • ) fixed crash when opening tools|profile;

What's new in v3.0beta2:

  • ) fixed problem where winbox crashed if wireless-fp package was installed on the router;
  • ) fixed problem where winbox crashed if Activate button was pressed in Stores menu;

What's new in v3.0beta1:

  • ) implemented self upgrade;
  • ) added ability to open new session in new window;