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== The Dude Version 4 ==
* fixed static object crash
* changed icon
* some minor fixes
* improved window state saving
* fixed bug causing "too many open files" problem on RouterOS dude server
* added "Remove Resolved" button to outages
* fixed images loading forever problem
* fixed data sources sometimes did not get correct values from snmp
* fixed 'no gap in graph' when service down for some time
* fixed server crash when connection to agent lost
* fixed unable to add more than one item in dialog box that should allow that
* more fixes
* new database engine based on sqlite3
* unlimited outages per service
* configurable amount of history data per data source used in charts, up to unlimited amount and detail of history
* rewritten, more accurate charts
* new backup format - faster, smaller, less memory consuming
* enable/disable notifications
* added some admin variables in tools
* added csv export to all tables
* flash friendly log flushing
* no local connection mode anymore, please check that is allowed if you want to connect to server from localhost
* connect dialog accepts dns names
* more convenient 'firefox style' find
* other improvements
== The Dude Version 3 ==
== The Dude Version 3 ==
* improved spectrum analyzer tool - added density view, other improvements
* changing link settings could cause a spike of traffic in graph, fixed

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* fixed memory leak in server when using secure connections
* fixed memory leak in server when using secure connections
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The Dude Version 3


  • spectrum analyzer tool
  • open files dialog sometimes could crash
  • fixed log file management
  • improved logs entries to include ip address if available


  • fixed find
  • improved unicode support
  • minimal probe interval now 1 second


  • improved dude admin and device password security
  • fixed devices loosing dns names
  • fixed snmp
  • other fixes


  • some status information in dude client could not be up to date in some cases
  • fixed chart drawing - graphs sometimes could be drawn out of bounds
  • fixed outages table - sometimes was selecting 'virtual memory' probe
  • fixed running external tools - sometimes could crash dude client
  • fixed compatibility with new routeros packages
  • fixed dude web server on routeros could not work
  • improved bandwidth conservation
  • other fixes


  • routeros dude supports multiple stores
  • fixed occasional server crash
  • fixed client crash in open/save file or color chooser dialog
  • fixed client crash when closing some windows
  • other fixes


  • fixed - client could sometimes crash when scrolling a table
  • fixed - search for unexisting items made dude unresponsive
  • fixed - charts sometimes could show incorrect data
  • other fixes


  • fix bug in web server introduced in previous release
  • other bug fixes


  • routeros dude package is now independent from routeros version
  • fixed bug - opening notification -> advanced tab was crashing
  • fixed bug - dude could not handle large network map backgrounds
  • other bug fixes


  • bug fixes


  • F11 puts any panel in fullscreen mode
  • reworked font stuff, only uses fonts added to dude server for exact output on different clients (fonts have to be added to files just like images)
  • routeros server can export maps/charts
  • routeros web server can display maps/charts
  • added many traslations, simple language choosing from 'Preferences'
  • dropped support for windows metafile, not possible to render in routeros environment
  • improved svg, png image support
  • map, chart output to many new formats - bmp, jpeg, ps, svg
  • drag&drop files to/from dude server and routeros devices
  • drop files straight on routeros device in network map to upload
  • server files can be organized in directories
  • fixed bug - dude could freeze when opening device window
  • fixed bug - dude server could stop polling
  • improved mac mappings - refresh of mac mappings is distributed evenly across refresh interval to avoid traffic congestion
  • many other bug fixes


  • improved pdf export
  • double click in contents pane replaces all existing panes by default (configurable in Settings->Misc)
  • improved dude server for routeros
  • support for dude server on RB333
  • server files support drag&drop
  • handle client and server time differences correctly
  • other bug fixes


  • 'show on map' feature available in context menu
  • 'lock' feature to prevent moving items on map
  • snmp profiles have try count and try timeout properties
  • fixed copy/paste for network maps, logs, panels, charts, address lists
  • fixed bug wasting a lot of network bandwidth
  • other bug fixes


  • added week scale to charts
  • fixed ping/traceroute from agents
  • improved compatibility with some snmp agents
  • time and date variables in notifications added
  • improved filters
  • some memory leaks fixed
  • big images as network map background could not work
  • many other fixes


  • mib modules shows missing imports if any
  • routeros simple queues management
  • horizontal scroll bar in lists and tables
  • other ui improvements
  • macaddresses are resolved to manufacturer names
  • new snmp table - dhcp leases
  • new ros tables - arp, route, dhcp leases
  • mac to ip address mapping table
  • devices can be binded to mac address
  • polling of services can be disabled per service, device, map, globally
  • dude server can work as service again
  • added syslog server
  • added mib modules for cisco wireless, canopy, alvarion, avantcom, colubris, smartbridges, ieee 802.11, redline, ceragon, wimax, orinoco, proxim, atmel, trango, tranzeo
  • network map label refresh interval is now configurable
  • bug fixes


  • copy and paste feature added to network maps and all lists and tables, also paste in text editor and you get xml configuration for later use
  • discovery sometimes could stall
  • fixed traceroute tool
  • resolves dns names in traceroute and ping tools
  • other bug fixes


  • added speech notification
  • bug fixes


  • added TimeLastDown, TimeLastUp variables for services
  • any list/table export to pdf
  • automatic update works in wine environment
  • added builtin funcion string_compare, string_find, string_substring
  • reduced server <-> client network traffic
  • dude agents - add other dude servers as dude agents to reach networks behind firewalls, offload polling work from server to agents
  • support for snmp v3

The Dude Version 2


  • fixed loading of maps, sometimes could stall
  • fixed too many digits after comma bug
  • other bug fixes


  • fixed panels
  • fixed builtin functions or, and, not
  • fixed some bugs in web server
  • other bug fixes


  • web server could not work
  • fixed import
  • panels sometimes could become unconfigurable
  • fixed memory leak with failing local connections
  • minor fixes


  • fixed possible crash when discovering
  • service counts could be accounted incorrectly
  • fixed web interface link info bug
  • fixed problem with secure web interface
  • oid picker performs snmp walk as from server not client
  • snmpwalk could use incorrect snmp profile
  • other fixes


  • non-integer number output, builtin round function
  • fixed rate function
  • bug fixes


  • improved accuracy of network discovery
  • bug fixes and performance improvements


  • many bug fixes


  • tables have selectable columns
  • multiple dude servers accessible from one client (device window)
  • improvements for wine
  • bug fixes


  • new builtin function - execute. Allows to make probes and data sources based on return value or output of exeternal programs
  • new builtin function - device_property. Allows to use device field values in functions
  • many bug fixes


  • new snmp oid chooser control
  • many bug fixes


  • data sources can be fed by functions
  • network map tooltips can evaluate functions
  • crash reporter
  • function probe - probes can containt very complex statements
  • added cpu, memory, virtual memory, disk probes - graphs usage of resources
  • ping function - pings host and returns rtt, size, ttl, error
  • more builtin functions
  • dude database could occasionally get corrupted
  • other bug fixes


  • snmp profiles added
  • discovery uses all snmp profiles to assign proper profile to device
  • snmp version 2c support
  • reworked panel stuff - have separate panel layout for each admin (optionally for each session), custom panels can be created, panels can be nested
  • panels can be opened in separate window
  • each email notification can specify SMTP server
  • bug fixes


  • bandwidth test tool for routeros devices
  • tools easily accessible from any ip address edit box
  • tools accessible from any lists context menu that has ip or device in some column
  • files on dude server can be saved on clients computer
  • network map automatic export files are added to dude servers files


  • automatic map export leaked memory a lot
  • dude uses default web browser to open web links
  • big wireless registration table for routeros devices
  • routeros packages can be disabled/enabled/uninstalled from dude
  • tools can be easily performed on routeros neighbors from context menu
  • open in new window option for submap context menu in network map
  • services can be 'unacked'
  • default zoom setting for network maps
  • submap links offer all contained devices
  • services show correct uptime/downtime
  • configuration export could crash dude client
  • fixed memory leaks, permission problems in web interface
  • passwords cannot be cheated from web interface
  • many other bug fixes


  • tools ping, traceroute, snmpwalk can be performed as from server
  • tools ping and traceroute can be performed as from any router os device
  • added terminal and remote connection (telnet/ssh/mac-telnet) tool for routeros devices
  • force upgrade feature - ignore situations when router already has that version or not all packages are available on dude server
  • upgrade accessible from network map context menu
  • logic probe type added - group together many simple probes with logical elements and,or,not
  • character encoding changed - server operates with utf8 encoded strings, web server shows correct characters
  • remove resolved outages button added to outage table
  • improved object window layouting
  • improved window dependencies
  • ctrl+Z, ctrl+Y work as undo and redo
  • dude window could lose focus in some situations
  • added support for other languages of user interface
  • added fancy torch tool
  • added ability to periodically export network maps to png or pdf
  • easier input of some fields (combo boxes with common values)
  • tree view for devices - represents parent/child relationships
  • snmp mib parser - dude has mib database and can import new mibs
  • improved snmp walk - oid names, organizes data in tree, nice tables etc
  • oids can be selected via convenient oid chooser
  • device and link labels on network maps can show values of any snmp variable
  • per device and device type configurable tools menu

The Dude Version 1


  • fixed web server
  • fixed web server memory leak
  • fixed dude client crash


  • secure connections could crash server or client
  • layouting of empty map could crash dude client


  • fixed memory leak in server when using secure connections