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I don't know how do you prefer errata to the "official" documentation, so here it comes:

  • Manual:Interface/Ethernet - bandwidth is in kbps by default (using plain numbers); you cannot use any postfixed numbers apart from a few preset one (10M is ok but 17M isn't); maximal value is "1000M" or "1000000" which is 1 Gbps.

I found a few minor things here and there but since it's not clear how to report them (hint: good places to tell how would be MikroTik_Wiki:About or Category:Manual) I forgot them. If there is a way to contribute I may record them in the future. --grin 19:43, 1 March 2012 (UTC)

manual fix: find

Please update console#find with something like

  • find - The find command has the same arguments as set, plus the flag arguments like disabled or active that take values yes or no depending on the value of respective flag. To see all flags and their names, look at the top of print command's output. You can use regular expressions in the form of [find address~"192\.168\."]. The find command returns internal numbers of all items that have the same values of arguments as specified.

but you must know that find and where is severely underdocumented; a separate link to an example page inserted in the text block above could do miracles. :-P --grin 10:19, 10 February 2014 (EET)