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[[Enable and Disable P2P|Enable and Disable P2P connections]]
[[Enable and Disable P2P|Enable and Disable P2P connections]]
[[Send Backup email]]
send backup email
add name="backup_mail" source="system backup save name=email
\n/tool e-mail send \
to=\"\" from=\"\" server=\"\" subject=\(\[/system \
identity get name\] . \" \" . \[/system clock get time\] . \" \" . \[/system clock get date\] . \" \
Backup\"\) file=email.backup" policy=ftp,reboot,read,write,policy,test
These scripts are of course used with schedulers:
/ system scheduler
add name="sched_start_dc1" on-event=start_dc1 start-date=sep/21/2005 start-time=23:00:00 interval=1d \
comment="" disabled=no
add name="sched_backup_mail" on-event=backup_mail start-date=sep/23/2005 start-time=07:30:00 interval=7d \
comment="" disabled=no
add name="sched_stop_dc1" on-event=stop_dc1 start-date=sep/22/2005 start-time=07:00:00 interval=1d comment="" \

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