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In RouterOS v4, User Manager supports multiple languages.

Create your own translations

  1. Download language file template, containing English translations
  2. Open it with poEdit. Language files are plain-text and can also be edited with any text editor if poEdit is not available. Please, use ut8 encoding for non-standard characters.
  3. Translate the file
  4. Set the language: in poEdit: Catalog > Settings > Language, in text editor, change the line containing "X-Poedit-Language: English\n"
  5. Save it as .lng file. File name is not important (.lng extension is required), but it is recommended to contain translation language information, for example de_DE.lng for German translation)
  6. Upload the file to router, using ftp
  7. If you are logged in to User Manager web, log out and log in again.
  8. In the web page there will be language select box on the menu. Select desired language.

Multiple languages can be stored on router at the same time, desired language is chosen in customer web page.

Every customer can choose its own language to use.

User translations

Currently no ready-to-use translations are available here. But, if you made one, please post it here: choose "Upload file" from menu on the left side of this wiki, upload the file and then post a direct link to it here.

Spanish translation author: Jose Salazar, Spain. Change txt extension for lng and upload it via FTP to Router.