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In this article we are going to work with 6To4 Tunnel which can help us to startup our first IPv6 Infrastructure along IPv4, as i expect you know currently available networks and infrastructures working on TCP/IPv4 suite, according to end of IPv4 Resources and upgrade requirements to TCP/IPv6 there are some methods which we can called them Transition Mechanism can help you to migrate your network to IPv6.

one of the first and simple methods is 6To4 Tunnel, which it can help you to Transform IPv6 via IPv4 network ( Encapsulate IPv6 through IPv4 ), in this case you are able to setup a 6to4 tunnel with IPv4 Address and then transfer and forward IPv6 Traffic.

according to attached image you can see there are two remote sites which they are decide to using IPv6 and have IPv4 for internet connections.


Step 1 - we have to setup 6to4 Tunnel to make a session between two sites.

Interface 6to4 add local-address= remote-address=

Step 2 -

-- Reza Moghadam ( www.IPExperts.ir ) --MikroTik Certified Trainer 13:54, 1 February 2017 (EET)