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This is VB.NET class for connecting and working with Mikrotik API. It will give you basic connectivity so you can log in and send and receive commands.


Public Class Mikrotik
	Dim tcpStream As IO.Stream
	Dim tcpCon As New Net.Sockets.TcpClient

	Public Sub New(ByVal ipOrDns As String, Optional ByVal port As Integer = -1)
		Dim ips = Net.Dns.GetHostEntry(ipOrDns)

		tcpCon.Connect(ips.AddressList(0), If(port = -1, 8728, port))
		tcpStream = tcpCon.GetStream()
	End Sub

	Public Sub New(ByVal endP As System.Net.IPEndPoint)
		tcpStream = tcpCon.GetStream()
	End Sub

	Public Sub Close()
	End Sub

	Public Function Login(ByVal user As String, ByVal pass As String) As Boolean
		Send("/login", True)
		Dim hash = Read()(0).Split(New String() {"ret="}, StringSplitOptions.None)(1)
		Send("=name=" + user)
		Send("=response=00" + EncodePassword(pass, hash), True)
		Dim res = Read()
		If (res(0) = "!done") Then Return True Else Return False
	End Function

	Function EncodePassword(ByVal pass As String, ByVal challange As String) As String
		Dim hash_byte(challange.Length / 2 - 1) As Byte
		For i = 0 To challange.Length - 2 Step 2
			hash_byte(i / 2) = Byte.Parse(challange.Substring(i, 2), Globalization.NumberStyles.HexNumber)
		Dim response(pass.Length + hash_byte.Length) As Byte
		response(0) = 0
		Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(pass.ToCharArray()).CopyTo(response, 1)
		hash_byte.CopyTo(response, 1 + pass.Length)

		Dim md5 = New System.Security.Cryptography.MD5CryptoServiceProvider()

		Dim hash = md5.ComputeHash(response)

		Dim hashStr As New Text.StringBuilder()
		For Each h In hash
		Return hashStr.ToString()
	End Function

	Public Sub Send(ByVal command As String, Optional ByVal EndSentence As Boolean = False)
		Dim bytes = System.Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(command.ToCharArray())
		Dim size = EncodeLength(bytes.Length)

		tcpStream.Write(size, 0, size.Length)
		tcpStream.Write(bytes, 0, bytes.Length)
		If EndSentence Then tcpStream.WriteByte(0)
	End Sub

	Public Function Read() As List(Of String)
		Dim output As New List(Of String)
		Dim o = ""
		Dim tmp(4) As Byte
		Dim count As Long

		While True
			tmp(3) = tcpStream.ReadByte()
			Select Case tmp(3)
				Case 0
					If o.Substring(0, 5) = "!done" Then
						Exit While
						o = ""
						Continue While
					End If
				Case Is < &H80
					count = tmp(3)
				Case Is < &HC0
					count = BitConverter.ToInt32(New Byte() {tcpStream.ReadByte(), tmp(3), 0, 0}, 0) ^ &H8000
				Case Is < &HE0
					tmp(2) = tcpStream.ReadByte()
					count = BitConverter.ToInt32(New Byte() {tcpStream.ReadByte(), tmp(2), tmp(3), 0}, 0) ^ &HC00000
				Case Is < &HF0
					tmp(2) = tcpStream.ReadByte()
					tmp(1) = tcpStream.ReadByte()
					count = BitConverter.ToInt32(New Byte() {tcpStream.ReadByte(), tmp(1), tmp(2), tmp(3)}, 0) ^ &HE0000000
				Case &HF0
					tmp(3) = tcpStream.ReadByte()
					tmp(2) = tcpStream.ReadByte()
					tmp(1) = tcpStream.ReadByte()
					tmp(0) = tcpStream.ReadByte()
					count = BitConverter.ToInt32(tmp, 0)
				Case Else
					Exit While	 'err
			End Select

			For i = 0 To count - 1
				o += ChrW(tcpStream.ReadByte())
		End While
		Return output
	End Function

	Function EncodeLength(ByVal l As Integer) As Byte()
		If l < &H80 Then
			Dim tmp = BitConverter.GetBytes(l)
			Return New Byte() {tmp(0)}
		ElseIf l < &H4000 Then
			Dim tmp = BitConverter.GetBytes(l Or &H8000)
			Return New Byte() {tmp(1), tmp(0)}
		ElseIf l < &H200000 Then
			Dim tmp = BitConverter.GetBytes(l Or &HC00000)
			Return New Byte() {tmp(2), tmp(1), tmp(0)}
		ElseIf l < &H10000000 Then
			Dim tmp = BitConverter.GetBytes(l Or &HE0000000)
			Return New Byte() {tmp(3), tmp(2), tmp(1), tmp(0)}
			Dim tmp = BitConverter.GetBytes(l)
			Return New Byte() {&HF0, tmp(3), tmp(2), tmp(1), tmp(0)}
		End If
	End Function
End Class


Module Module1

	Sub Main()

		Dim mk = New Mikrotik("mikrotik")
		If Not mk.Login("admin", "PpAaSsWwOoRrDd") Then
			Console.WriteLine("Cant log in")
		End If

		mk.Send("/system/clock/getall", True)
		For Each row In mk.Read()
	End Sub

End Module

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