Crystalfontz CFA-633

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To make this LCD work you ought to check the following points:

- RS232 connection and Serial port enabled in BIOS
- In RouterOS v5RC7 or later:

--- /port (System->Ports) has available port, if it is used by Console - free it up by disabling it from the Console menu

--- /system lcd has correct settings: enabled, type: cfa-633, correct port selected and contrast set high for example 100

- If it still does not work - boot Windows on the machine or connect the LCD to a Windows machine and tweak it with CrystalFontz WinTest Util for CFA-633. After WinTest discovers the LCD, move the baud rate to 19200 and send some commands to the LCD (Packet Debugger button). Send Clear LCD and Set Current State as Boot State.

- If the CFA-633 is hardware version 1.3 - it supports only 19200 and RouterOS v5RC10 can only set its backlight, it couldn't make it display the text. Where as WinTest util kinda works with hw v1.3.
- Hardware version 1.5 works without issues.

MikroTik have stated that they do not plan to implement more functionality from WinTest Util (source code available) such as the ability to set the LCDs Baud Rate and to talk to the LCD on any other baud rate than 19200 and to send commands like set current state as boot state. I hope they change their minds and find time for this soon.

This is what it looks like in production: