LED Antenna Alignment

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Here is a short script I wrote to use the onboard LED on the RB532 for antenna alignment.

The LED blinks a number of times in a second. The more blinks, the higher the SNR.

Currently it will only show the SNR of the first entry in the Registrations tab in the Wireless window. This should not be a problem, since you will most likely use this tool for CPE alignment or when setting up a point to point link, where you only have 1 entry in the Registrations tab.

It can be modified to look for a specific MAC address or SSID.

Put the following as a System/Script entry.

:global if-snr [ /interface wireless registration-table get [/interface wireless registration-table find] signal-to-noise ]
  :if (($if-snr > 0) && ($if-snr <= 15 )) do={/blink duration=250ms}
  :if (($if-snr > 15) && ($if-snr <= 25 )) do={/blink duration=500ms}
  :if (($if-snr > 25) && ($if-snr <= 35 )) do={/blink duration=750ms}
  :if ($if-snr > 35 ) do={/blink duration=1s}

Use scheduler to run the script every 1 or 2 seconds (your preference). In the 'On Event' box type:

      /system script run [/system script find name=blinkled]


RouterOS 5.13 doesn't like the "-" in the variable name if-snr, so use ifsnr instead