Live-IP-CONCEPT route a IP in any interface with Original ID

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Network IP Settings

WAN: IP Address

Gateway (DSL Modem IP)

LAN: IP Address

LAN2: IP Address

Squid Proxy (Squid Server IP)

What is LIVE-IP and where we need this,

1st) If you have more than one Internet IP or IP-Pool (your ISP assigns you 2 IPs one you used in server WAN and one you have spare) or you want to use that internet IP into your internal network

2nd) if your main Server/Modem behind Mikrotik or NAT or you want to direct access to main server with your own Clint-Side IP, without NAT

(Example, Clint-IP is a NAT IP or we need to access Modem/Squid (Both of behind a Mikrotik or no any Direct Access without NAT) but we need to Access without NAT (like direct hit with IP to squid or squid can also communicate with or we can ping on both sides to each others)

Example in Map

Live 1(new).jpg

Live 2(new).jpg


Do not use masquerade rule (IP/Firewall/NAT)for srcnat, or if you alredy use masquerade rule for you need to disable this rule,

Live 4.jpg

Create a mangle rule in Firewall with new routing mark live (live is name of routing mark, you can use XYZ)

Live 5.JPG

Live 6.JPG

Live 7.JPG

When send any request to Mikrotik, then Mikrotik add routing mark live with this requist

Add a Route in IP/Route for mangle-live (with mark live)

Live 8.JPG

Live 9.JPG

When send request with routing mark live then Mikrotik route that request with original ID ( to Gateway, (Gateway witch you chose)

Live 10.JPG

Setup complete