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Applies to RouterOS: 2.9, v3, v4

MikroTik RouterOS implements a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server feature. It is intended to be used for software packages uploading, configuration script exporting and importing procedures, as well as for storing HotSpot servlet pages.


  • Packages required: system
  • License required: Level1
  • Submenu level: /file
  • Standards and Technologies: FTP (RFC 959)
  • Hardware usage: Not significant


MikroTik RouterOS has an industry standard FTP server facility. It uses ports 20 and 21 for communication with other hosts on the network. Uploaded files as well as exported configuration or backup files can be accessed under /file menu. There you can delete unnecessary files from the router.

Authorization for FTP service uses router's system user account names and passwords. The ftp local user policy controls the access rights to the FTP server.

Property Description

  • contents (text) - file contents (for text files only; size limit - 4kB)
  • creation-time (read-only: time) - item creation date and time
  • name (read-only: name) - item name
  • package-architecture (read-only: [text]) - RouterOS software package target machine architecture (for package files only)
  • package-build-time (read-only: [date]) - RouterOS software package build time (for package files only)
  • package-name (read-only: [text]) - RouterOS software package name (for package files only)
  • package-version (read-only: [text]) - RouterOS software package version number (for package files only)
  • size (read-only: integer) - package size in bytes
  • type (read-only: text) - item type. Few file types are recognized by extension: backup, directory, package, script, ssh key, but other files are just marked by their extension (.html file, for example)

Command Description

  • print - shows a list of files stored
    • detail - shows contents of files less that 4kB long
    • edit [item] contents - offers to edit file's contents with editor
    • set [item] contents=[content] - sets the file's contents to 'content'