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Applies to RouterOS: v6.34+


Warning: This article will not be updated and will be kept for archival purposes.

Following example will show how to get IPv6 connectivity on a RouterOS device through IPv4 network using 6to4 tunnel.

To be able to create the tunnel, you have to have a public IPv4 address and enable ping from Tunnel Broker IPv4 server.

When you create a tunnel using Hurricane Electric Tunnel Broker, you will be given a routed /64 IPv6 prefix and additional information necessary for setting up the tunnel:

Tunnel Broker

This example presumes that your public IPv4 address is

Hurricane Electric provides ready to use commands for RouterOS in the 'Example Configurations' section:

/interface 6to4 add comment="Hurricane Electric IPv6 Tunnel Broker" disabled=no \
 local-address= mtu=1280 name=sit1 remote-address=
/ipv6 route add comment="" disabled=no distance=1 dst-address=2000::/3 gateway=2001:470:27:37e::1 \
 scope=30 target-scope=10
/ipv6 address add address=2001:470:27:37e::2/64 advertise=no disabled=no eui-64=no interface=sit1

These commands will setup the tunnel itself - the router will be able to connect to IPv6 hosts, but end-user devices (computers, tablets, phones) will not yet have IPv6 connectivity.

To be able to assign IPv6 addresses to your clients you have to add the Routed IPv6 Prefix to your internal interface (by default bridge-local)

/ipv6 address add address=2001:470:28:37e:: interface=bridge-local advertise=yes

Enable DNS server advertising through network discovery

/ipv6 nd set [ find default=yes ] advertise-dns=yes

And finally add IPv6 DNS servers (these are Google public DNS servers, you can also use the one which is provided by Hurricane Electric - 2001:470:20::2)

/ip dns set allow-remote-requests=yes servers=2001:4860:4860::8888,2001:4860:4860::8844

Afterwards enable IPv6 on your device and you should have IPv6 connectivity. can be used to test IPv6 connectivity