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RouterBOARD devices with "poe" labeled ports, support powering by Passive PoE over spare pairs, except where notified otherwise. This table explains Ethernet cable pinout for RouterBOARD devices, and shows powered pins for PoE on 10/100 and 10/100/1000 devices.

RJ45 Pin Color Function (100Mbit) Function (1Gbit) RJ45 pin for Straight cable (MDI, EIA/TIA568A) RJ45 pin for Crossover cable (MDI-X, EIA/TIA568B)
1 Green TX+ Data Data A+ 1 3
2 Green/White TX- Data Data A- 2 6
3 Orange RX+ Data Data B+ 3 1
4 Blue PoE + Data C+ 4 4
5 Blue/White PoE + Data C- 5 5
6 Orange/White RX- Data Data B- 6 2
7 Brown PoE - Data D+ 7 7
8 Brown/White PoE - Data D- 8 8

Note: for Gigabit models, you have to use the MikroTik Gigabit PoE injector, that passes PoE trough pins 4,5 (+) and 7,8 (-). When using other PoE injectors, power can be passed on any other pins, depending on PoE injector model.