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The MIB nodes pane in The Dude displays the MIB files that are known to the Dude. To add more MIB files to this pane, upload the MIB file in the Files pane and it will appear here automatically.

MIB Files

A Management Information Base (MIB) is a map of the hierarchical order of all of the managed objects or MIB variables. Each system in a network (workstation, server, router, bridge, and so on) maintains a MIB that reflects the status of the managed resources at that system.

A MIB file is a database of OID values that can be viewed through SNMP. OIDs are arranged in a tree-like structure that begins with a root and expands downwards into branches. Each point in a MIB tree is known as a node.


Note: a MIB file is that it's a kind of dictionary or code book that is used to assemble and interpret SNMP messages.

The value of each OID consists of a sequence of integers. The dotted numeric string representation of an OID separates its subidentifiers with periods; for example, A MIB variable is referenced by its OID, as well as by its instance identifier, such as INTEGER, STRING, COUNTER, and GAUGE.


  • Module - Device type (MIB file)
  • Type - Type of information (integer, octet string, 32bit integer, counter, gauge etc.)
  • Access - Data access possibility. Create, Notify, Read only, Read Write, Write only, No access
  • Status - All, Current, Deprecated, Mandatory, Obsolete

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