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The Panels pane allows you to create additional floating windows of the Dude interface. This can be useful for multiple monitors, or simply to save certain layouts for quick access. For example if you want to quickly view charts of your four most important servers, make a new Panel, split it into four sections, and load one chart in each section. Now, this four-pane chart view will be quickly accessible from the left hand menu.

SS-2010-07-12 13.07.50.png

To add a new panel, click the add button, and specify a name for it. The new panel will appear in the Panels list. Double click the panel, to open it. By default, it will be void of any panes, so choose a pane from the list:

SS-2010-07-12 13.15.16.png

The new panel can be split into sections just like any other one.

It is also worth noting, that whenever an admin logs into the currently opened server, a new Panel will be assigned to him. You will be able to see the new panel in the Panels view. Double-click it to see whatever the admin is viewing. You can disable this feature in the Admins pane by selecting Separate panels